The Suthana laboratory in the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the David Geffen Medical School at UCLA operates a state-of-the-art virtual (and augmented) reality laboratory integrated with motion capture and other biometrics to investigate the brain mechanisms underlying human cognition and behavior. This first-of-its kind laboratory works with rare patients who have implanted electrodes that can record and stimulate brain activity during freely moving behaviors.

We are looking for a Programmer Analyst (PA) to work primarily with Unity (C#) to design and implement virtual environments using 3-D meshes of virtual rooms, virtual objects, and virtual human subjects. The PA will compile such virtual environments for different platforms–in particular, VR headsets such as Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, or the Magic Leap and have these environments communicate with external resources such as MATLAB and motion capture systems (OptiTrack). The PA will modify the virtual (or augmented) environments based on experimental paradigms, so familiarity with software such as 3D Max or Blender is a plus. Lastly, the PA will assist with the design, coding, testing and implementation of a workflow and a database optimized for research needs. Other preferred experience: Network protocols and terminal.

For more emailĀ shiller@mednet.ucla.eduĀ